By Leslie Wing, 05/13/2015 - 15:11

Design an attractive, unique package for teas with Allstate Can Corporation’s full product-line of tea tin packaging regardless of whether you are a small batch organic farmer or an existing tea company looking to expand brand awareness. Allstate Can Corporation has standard stock tea tins and also has the ability to design and manufacture custom tea tins. There are many options for tea tins including interior seal tins, seamless tins, and slip cover tins.

Tea Tins Cultivate a Cultural Experience

Your tea tins should be a reflection of the prized product inside. Tea drinkers are a refined group who view tea as a luxury item rather than a commodity and millennial shoppers want to feel sophisticated and cultured. An eye-catching package is in order to connect with this aspiration and to cultivate brand appeal. Consider Allstate Can’s high-end tea tin packaging or for tea assortment displays at retailers, hotels, or restaurants. Packaging is all about branding and marketing, and tea has not eluded the power of branding to differentiate one product from another.

Tea Tins Preserve Original Tea Quality

Tea, like coffee and spices, requires protection from environmental exposure. Teas are particularly vulnerable to light, air, odors, moisture and heat. Exposure to these five things will rapidly degrade the integrity of the tea, affecting flavor, freshness, aroma and even color. Your tea packaging must protect the product from being crushed and must be airtight to protect flavor and aroma.

Air is enemy of tea, as air flow around your stored tea leaves will increase the probability that tea leaves will absorb moisture and unpleasant odors from the air. Elegantly designed tin tea canisters are sealed air tight, protecting the crispiness of the tealeaves and ensuring its fresh aromatic essence remains untainted. Heat exposure will quickly ruin good tea as well. Avoid keeping your teas stored in sunlight or near heat sources such as stoves, ovens, or other warm places. Heat can degrade the quality of the tea, removing flavor and aroma, and increasing the chance that your tea will take on moisture.

Teas are vulnerable to odors because they absorb the fragrance of surrounding items very easily. Storing tealeaves in porous materials such as a re-sealable zipper package or plastic containers can result in the leaves absorbing odors of any other items stored nearby. This tendency for tea leaves to easily absorb the odors placed near them means teas should be stored away from away from areas in your home with strong odors, such as spice cabinets, near trash cans, refrigerators and other areas which contain odors which the teas can absorb easily. Moisture is the worst enemy of tea and can ruin an entire batch of it within minutes. Dried tea leaves are considered shelf stable because they are completely dry. Unfortunately dry leaves absorb moisture from the air very easily and quickly. Therefore, it is important that you keep your dried tea leaves away from humid areas in your home, boiling water, and other sources of moisture such as above a dishwasher vent or inside a refrigerator. Keep it far away from moisture until you are ready to brew the tea leaves, or the moisture will cause molding, caking and other unpleasant results.

Tea Tins Tell a Sustainable Story

According to a consumer trend study conducted by the BDC, environmental concerns play a role in purchasing decisions of 4 in 10, and consumers are willing to pay more for a product or service they consider environmentally friendly. The same research hints that consumers are willing to pay extra for more eco-friendly sustainable packaging. Allstate Can’s tea tins are produced from recycled steel, are 100% recyclable, and tins are easy to collect. Each can recycled substantially reduces the environmental footprint of the next can. Tea tins can be recycled an infinite number of times without loss of durability or strength. Call or email Allstate Can Corporation today to discuss your tea tin packaging needs with a professional and friendly account representative at 973-560-9030 or

Author’s Bio: Leslie Wing is the marketing and creative director at Allstate Can Corporation. She has more than 20 years experience consulting with customers about their packaging needs, conceiving and designing original artwork for consumer and industrial packaging and communicating consistent messages across all forms of marketing media.